Hello and welcome to the Library and Garden.

Let me introduce myself, my names Theo, which by the way means ‘gods gift’….I know right, I should say that fact is questionable at times!

I’m a 31 year old Landscape Gardener, born and bred in south London, in a place called Dulwich or as I like to call it dull witch. My passion for plants and gardens is only out weighed by my obsession with interior design and the more quirky of curios home items. Whilst I do love the home, I also have an addiction to London, I guess that makes me a Londonphile and a proud one at that. So why a blog ? I suppose why does anyone feel the need to share their lives ? For me after 31 years in London, I’ve realised I know it pretty damn well and particularly the hidden gems it has to offer. I hope to share my experiences, my knowledge of plants, and a glimpse into the life of a gardener who frequently finds himself in almost hard to believe situations.


Yours Theo


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