A Sunday well spent brings a week of content..


As the old adage dictates ‘a Sunday well spent brings a week of content’ and my Sundays are no exception. After a long and gruelling week of work there’s nothing I like more than having a leisurely lie in listening to the birds chirruping outside the window… pure bliss! The only thing that actually makes me rise from my slumber is the idea of a delicious breakfast to start the day! Today’s choice – scrambled egg on muffins – yum! The breakfast of champions I’d say. As you can see from my photo, Milo was only too keen to join me for some eggy action too ha! And almost set himself on fire in the process…

The mild weather and my jovial mood called for a lovely Autumnal walk and Chelsea was to be my destination. Although I live south of the river and adore it, there’s something I really love about West London and I like to get over that side as often as I’m able. Chelsea provides a perfect weekend adventuring sight as there’s so much to see and do. First stop on the list was ‘World’s End Garden Centre’- a fantastic green idyll and a gardeners dream. Talk about a bus man’s holiday though I must admit that I’m never more content than when surrounded by nature and plants.


Green fingered for life me…
This beautiful little haven is brimming with character and personality – from the inspiring quotations hidden within the foliage to the eccentric flamingo mannequins adorning the spiral staircase.


The indoor section (housing the indoor plants and succulents) with its glass panelled ceilings was ever so slightly reminiscent of a small scale Kew Gardens hot-house.IMG_0429

As I wandered around, I was captivated by the eccentricity of the place with its tiny ornate figurines poking out of the luscious foliage and the faux crocodile languidly lounging in the depths of the water feature. These little oddities sure kept the eyes engaged and the mind stimulated. A wonderful way to spend 15 mins…

Next stop on the list was a wonderful art shop named Green and Stone. You can’t fail to miss it as the place literally looks like it could have been transported from Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley.IMG_0409The window display is so eye-catching with its enormity of things going on – you literally don’t know what to look at first. It’s such a beautiful and inspiring shop and the kind where you want to part with your money in an instant. As you would imagine of an art shop, the place is bulging at the seams with all manner of artistic paraphernalia – so much so, that the artist’s fervour was ignited in me like the good old days when I was studying artistry.IMG_0414 2

But the shop has so much more than that – every single nook and cranny is filled with a plethora of curios items – from tiny replica shoes that act as paper weights to pineapple shaped candle snuffers and hand crafted marble paper.IMG_0430

The place is simply an artist’s dream and you’d be hard pushed not to be inspired by the abundance of gems that lurk within. A must see of Chelsea for sure…

Having sampled the interior of a number of Chelsea’s finest shops, it was time for a meander down some of the quieter, more residential of streets…. Glebe Road being one of my first little ramblings. What on earth would I find? I always believe a keen eye will always seek out some kind of little gem…As luck would have it, Glebe Road had some incredible sights that made me immediately reach for the camera. The first such sight was a beautiful wall plaque which transformed an ordinary white exterior wall into something quite extraordinary. The plaque in question featured the image of the virgin Mary cradling baby Jesus.IMG_0410 2

The pair were ensconced by an array of plaited fruit and entwined leaves. This was a beautiful addition to the home and caught the eye straight away.
A little further along the road, my jaw hit the ground when I came across the most elaborate and ornate door I have ever seen– it was carved to perfection and made for the most exquisite entranceway. What a true marvel of carpentry!

At the end of Glebe Road, standing tall and proud, was the most phenomenal of buildings. Decadent and gothic and luxurious, this building put me in mind of a recent trip to Paris and the architecture that I saw whilst there. The green tiles, the imminent gargoyles standing guard and the trailing ivy were ever so evocative and unleashed my imagination in the most gothic of ways.IMG_0415

What a fantastic house for Halloween festivities, don’t you think?
Veering back onto the King’s Road, I decided to peruse the goods on offer in Anthropologie and I have to admit that my mind was well and truly blown! The store is enormous and the lay out is such that you could wander and browse for ages. Anthropologie never fails to excite and today was no exception – the goods on offer were, as ever, so appealing and so beautiful. I started formulating a Christmas wish list right there and then. The beautifully ornate and beautifully fragile Christmas baubles were already on sale and the selection of decorative plates and cups were a treat for the eyes.IMG_0420

I’ve already eyed up a selection of their dog themed china plates and will make sure that I have my hands on them by the time Christmas arrives! The lower section of the store was true home inspiration and the plush, velveteen sofa on display was just a dream.IMG_0411 2

The success of Anthrologie, I find, lies in their mixing of colours and textures – playful and quirky yet very sophisticated and chic. I walked away from the store with some home décor ideas of my own and a Christmas wish list to pass onto my family and friends.
After a quick pit stop for tea and cake, I ventured off in search of one of my favourite ever book stores – John Sandoe’s – an independent book store specialising in many first editions and folio copies.IMG_0426

I am an avid reader and a real book lover and could quite literally spend hours perusing the shelves and poring over new and exciting reads. My eyes immediately alighted upon the cover of a book in the window – it’s title ‘behind every object lies a story’ – what a lovely idea and so very very true…IMG_0427
I bought two books today – Alain de Botton’s ‘The course of love’ and Fredrik Backman’s ‘The Scandal’. I can’t wait to get stuck into both. Backman’s because I have read all of his other work and genuinely think he is an incredible and powerfully emotive writer and Botton’s because I have heard so many good things. I hope to do a review of both soon, so keep an eye out for those.
Just outside of the book store, I spied a wonderful sight – a curling tendril of a clematis plant creeping its way across a back door – one bud already opened and flowering. The mix of purples and greens was so beautiful and I couldn’t help but take a photo of this wonder of nature. Small things easily please me…


My adventuring around Chelsea was just lovely and exactly what I needed to recharge the batteries after a long week at work. It really is true what they say about Sundays being a day of rest and relaxation and doing things that make your heart content. I ventured home happy and satiated in the knowledge that my Sunday was extremely well spent…. What adventures will next weekend hold?

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