Mayfair and The Mouse

Very rarely does my life go by without some kind of unusual event and Saturday was no exception. Waking up at the crack of dawn is never fun and even worse on a weekend, but needs must sometimes. The job in question Mayfair, Carlos Place.


The job in question, renewing planters with a winter planting scheme. We decided upon a mixture of grasses, ferns, Skimmias and Violas and Ivy – an autumnal array and visual feast for the eyes. I’ve done this job a few times before and I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of ascending tall ladders especially when I always think I’m going to fall to my death! As you can see from the photos, not a job for the faint hearted.IMG_6013

As normal we began to plant,  taking out the old stuff and replacing it, all fine and dandy or so you would imagine.When lo and behold I caught a glimpse of a mouse, not the strangest thing in the centre of London. I then begin to tackle a corner of a planter digging deftly with my trowel whilst precariously balancing atop a ladder. Thats when another mouse decides to jump at me, perhaps he preferred the old planting scheme and was annoyed, either way I let out a manly shout (I screamed). I then realised like a waterfall there was one two three four five lots of mice began to pour out of this planter I had disturbed a nest! Unfortunately rodents are not the most favoured creatures on this planet and dealing with a high end client I had to be subtle with saving the mayfair mice. Now sadly most fell to their demise however there was still two remaining dug in the soil underneath the ivy all wrapped up. I placed them in a little plant pot and covered them up.


Time was now very much of the essence as representatives from the Tate were arriving.We quickly finished the planting scheme and tidied up, while I kept one eye on the little ones.


I quickly rushed to get on the tube (yes I boarded the tube with a soil bag with two mice in it) and headed for home. I then of course realised I pass a newly opened vet in east Dulwich who were extremely helpful and gave me a pipette and some food. I was told very plainly the chances of their survival was very slim and the first 24 hours would be crucial……Thankfully I can tell you 5 days later they are still alive and well and have their eyes open!


The future is looking  bright for the Mayfair mice I just need to find suitable names now!

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